Dr Simon Martin | Integrative Chiropractor


Inside Karrinyup Shopping Centre near L1 Myers 

B.Chiro, B. Science, B.Arts, Cert IV Business, YTT


Clients tend to like how I take my time with things, while combining a more traditional chiropractic approach, which is firm, yet with a gentler touch. Most of my clients come in semi-regularly for Full Body Well-being sessions.


I originally studied anatomy at Curtin University before completing my chiropractic degree at Murdoch University in 2009. I’ve had the opportunity to work in Singapore’s Camden Medical Centre and teach developmental anatomy at university level in Perth. My first paper on tension in the body has been cited in a publication at UWA.


I operate a clinic inside Karrinyup Shopping Centre and like to use chiropractic and heart analysis as tools to manage your well-being, stiffness and tension.




~ Please see the bookings page for available chiropractic appointments


~ Chiropractic consults are private (no open-plan / conveyer-belts); or “scare-care” contracts


~ X-rays will not always be required however can be bulk-billed for you if necessary. I will often reassess an X-ray diagnosis of Scoliosis or Arthritis as these are often inappropriately used terms in chiropractic. Low radiation imaging options are available


~’G.P. and physio friendly’ ~  meaning: I’m a chiropractor who likes medical practitioners and physiotherapists


~’Peer-based chiropractor’, meaning I lean more towards equality and a peer-based relationship with my clients rather than posturing a strong doctor-patient power-differential


~We can measure / track your nervous system via an app & smart-watch using either (i) a Fit-bit, (ii) Garmin or (iii) Sherpah-band. Ask me more about it.


~ Interesting fact: I love French bulldogs


Chiropractic Lineage:

The first great chiropractor, DD Palmer, focussed on the middle of the back. The second great chiropractor (his son), BJ Palmer, focussed on the upper neck. The third great chiropractor, Clarence Gonstead, focussed on the pelvis. We’re still waiting on the fourth great chiropractor ~ what do you think he or she would focus on?

I’ve had the good fortune to have been mentored for two years by one of BJ Palmer’s students as well as mentored for two years by one of Gonstead’s students.