Heart School & Dis-ease


Heart School & Disease

A conservative estimate over a decade ago suggested 70% of cancer were "epi-genetic". This means we were not necessarily born with a particular cancer but rather we were born with the possibility of it - and its expression was triggered by a stressor. Stress is the primary risk factor in the 5 diseases of lifestyle (heart-disease, cardio-vascular disease, cancer, diabetes & obesity). What are these two main stressors?  Relationship and gut-health.

So what if Heart School had developed a way to grade our stress-responses in relationship, gut-heath & life? Let me give you three examples.

Example 1

We psychometrically profile David. David fits into our "Dark Masculine" quadrant. David is very assertive, effecting his Testosterone levels (testosterone levels are associated with prostate cancer). He carries tension in his pelvic diaphragm (anus) and David has issues being vulnerable.

David is married to Jenna.

We psychometrically profile Jenna. Jenna fits into our "Light Feminine" quadrant. Jenna is very surrendered, effecting estrogen levels (estrogen balances are associated with breast cancer). She carries tension in her thoracic diaphragm (heart) and has issues being assertive.

When in Shadow: David is aggressive towards Jenna, triggering her into being submissive, bringing more tension into her heart (where her cancer is). Jenna is passive-aggressive towards David, triggering him into punishing himself and tucking his tail, bringing more tension to his prostate (where his cancer is). They’re not sure if this relationship is right.

When In Love: David is aggressive because he doesn't know how to be vulnerable, Jenna can help him in this. Jenna is passive-aggressive because she doesn't know how to be assertive, David can help her in this. They are meant for each other.

Example 2

We enterologically profile Robert. Robert fits into our "Light Masculine" quadrant. Robert eats more sugar, which lowers his testosterone levels and raises his fungus levels.

David is married to Jessica

We enterologically profile Jessica. Jessica fits into our "Dark Feminine" quadrant. Jenna eat a lot of grains and fruits, which ups her yeast levels. Yeast is associated with higher estrogen.

When is Shadow: David and Jessica share a co-dependent gut-flora of fungus and yeast; they also share a co-dependant relationship, leading to activation of each other's pain body. Scientific studies have proven pathogenic yeasts are sexually transmissible. It has also been proven that sexual-selectivity has a gut-specific component to it.

When in Love: David and Jessica overcome their body's attachment to each other and choose each other from a place love and not co-dependency.

Example 3

We Business Profile Samuel. Samuel fits into our "Light Mother Complex" quadrant. Samuel grew up having to "hold" the emotional body of one of his parents, rather than having his held. He learnt that if he was vulnerable or honest with this parent, it would lead to some sort of pain for him or the parent.

He carries this pattern in life and now takes on responsibility for how others feel.

Samuel has developed enmeshment. This means he is unable to develop healthy boundaries within intimacy.

Samuel only has two options in life. Either he goes "all in" wearing his heart on his sleeve…however does so without healthy boundaries and this often leads to him becoming hurt, which re-enforces the original complex. Or he puts up "walls" to protect himself - this leads to a loss of intimacy in both love and business relationships.

This causes Samuel a lot of stress and tension in his body. He has built up pain recently in his neck and his adrenals are fatigued. What bothers him the most is his daughter is starting to hold his emotional body, repeating the generational cycle.

Heart School is here to build us an understanding of:
The shadows which keep us from loving each other &
The conditions we place on loving ourselves

Together, we can find the answers