Rites of Passion: How Do I Learn Sacred-Union?

How Do I Learn Sacred-Union?

Secret 1. The Beloved is within, not without. So, if your self-practice is strong, your partner’s spirit will be strong. When your partner’s spirit is flat, it means your self-practice could be stronger.
Secret 2. ‘We become that which we meditate upon’. So, if we become angry or infatuated with the Beloved, then we actually become more like them! Give both your anger and desire for your partner to God (whatever your version of God is).
Secret 3. Sexual energy is creative. So, be conscious of what you are creating in your connection! If you’re not consciously creating flowers, you could very well unconsciously be creating some weeds.
Secret 4 Sacred-Union is less about sexual connection and more about burning attachment to desire, so love can be more of a choice rather than an instinct.
Secret 5 Ultimately, beyond the mind is where you want to go with the Beloved. So, set your first intention of connecting as ‘waking up’ together - and pleasure will naturally follow second.


Over the past couple of years, every time I’ve talked to a couple in conflict, I've ask this one question “Have you been doing your weekly Couples night?”. The answer is always inevitably “no”.

Setting aside two hours a week to practice non-sexual intimacy is essential for happiness and harmony. The two best methods of couple’s connection I have come across is Serpent-Power and Ichinawa (Japanese Rope) - together they are simply a divine combination.

However, it can be difficult to keep the momentum up and stay inspired, so we have created this monthly catch up to “top-up” on new technique and angles of seeing each other.

If interested, please learn the basics and then jump aboard (and arrane a babysitter for once / month).

Simon, Heart School


Other offerings coming soon:
1 - Couples Course, August