Rites of Passion: Understanding the Dark Masculine

Heart School - The Dark Masculine

In the ‘Heart-School’, there are two main “axis” within relationship, the ‘Light Masculine to Dark Feminine’ (this one is all about love) & the Dark Masculine to Light Feminine (this one is all about trust).

We are all accustomed to saying “I love you”. However, a relationship with endless love is no good without trust. And how often do we hear “I trust you” in cards & messages?

In my experience, the world of “Kundalini-Tantra” is a powerful way to bring couples into LOVE. Though it has been the world of Kinbaku (Japanese Rope Art) to show a powerful way to bring couples into TRUST.

Growing up, more often than not, we find it easy to love and be loved by the Mother (and the feminine of the Father) - as she is unconditional in love. It’s the ’Dark Masculine’ however, who is not unconditional – he’s that part of someone who can say “no” to love and be non-attached. This makes him the most feared (less trustable) and yet also the most desired – for he is the only one who can truly CHOOSE love, for it is not conditional or attached.

So art-forms involving power-dynamics & embodying the Dark Masculine - are they trustable?

Another question is - can you trust & surrender the need to be chosen by anyone other than yourself?

This work is touching deeply upon primal-psychology and the Father Wound. Can you see how this feeds into why same-sex relating in females over males is much more socially acceptable? Why parents are more comfortable with their sons dating more so than their daughters? And why if a hetero-sexual man’s partner were to have sex with a woman, for some reason, it’s so less confronting for him? - Because the feminine IS safer in love.