Heart School evolved to help people learn about and manage emotional health to be able to better think, feel and be in relationships.

-We help adults become free of the protective armour we carry around that makes us tired and less vulnerable to love and be loved.

-Just like a knight wears armour to go into battle, the protection is useful in times of battle or for other protection from attack, but if worn all the time, it is heavy and makes us feel tired, weary, exhausted, worn down. We help people learn to remove the unhelpful self protection to live a lighter and freer life.

-We help couples break down walls that have been built as a protective mechanism that are no longer serving the relationship and allow a healthy trusting bond to grow or develop.

-We help students to better control the automatic reflex reactions associated with learning or exam pressures and conflict with other students or the fear of teachers, allowing them to better think, improve their performance and tap their full potential.

-We work with businesses to help reduce tension at staff and board meetings for better outcomes as well as develop high performing leaders that can resolve conflict and build healthy workplace cultures.

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