Masculine Nights 2018 Schedule - Perth

  • MAY : Men
  • JUNE: Mixed (Men & Women)
  • JULY: Men



7:15-8:45pm. Monthly

@ Box 33, Myaree ***many thanks to Kettlebell Maestro Tim Almond for access to the Super-Cave***

Bring $20 for the wooden-box, cheese provided

PRIVATE MESSAGE to be added to the mailing list and/or FB Group

+Everyone has a go in the middle of the circle to “own” where they’re at and then see if they get the “nod” from the group – or a challenge from someone (Emotional Martial Arts)

+Our social-worker buddy Tobias will be coming in to support with the inter-personal medicine

+Lee-Anne may be popping in, to see if there’s any hands to help some single Mum’s with high-needs-kids every so often 

+20 minute of the night will be streamed on live-feed, so some mates from the East Coast can get involved, you can choose to be in this if you want or not - up to you

+The idea is to reach 75 men a month doing this process (this is a magic number for a tribe, kind of like the 100th monkey theory)


The idea is to be light enough for a laugh but still deep enough to having you move through something.

See you there,