Dr Simon Martin (B.Chiro, B. Sci., B.A.)

Dr Simon Martin is the co-founder of Heart School, Australia’s emerging lead trainers in hands-on Emotional Health. He shares from two decades of education and work experience at the highest level.

In 2003, Dr Simon studied Anatomy and Psychology streams at Curtin University before completing his Chiropractic Degree at Murdoch University. He later taught a stint as a sessional academic in Developmental Neurology. His experience includes work as a Corporate Chiropractor in Singapore’s Camden Medical Centre, supporting executives with their emotional health. He also has experience with regarded Occupational-Physician and Physiotherapy teams in Perth.

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Salem Domiati - Grow & Evolve

(B. App. Sci. Physio. (Hons), Grad Dip Physio. Sports, MAPA),

Leadership Coach and Co-Founder of the Heart School Concept

I began my career as a Physiotherapist and later studied a post graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy. Over the years, I realised that a lot of people who suffered pain or injuries, especially chronic or repeated pain had an emotional component to their symptoms.

I studied the relationship between posture, mood and injury and found that the 3 were very closely related. For example, changing our thought patterns, body-movements, breathing patterns or the way we sit and stand also changes our mood and emotions.

In 2014, I took my family around the world for a year where we visited 20 countries. While away, I missed helping people and came up with the idea of creating a much larger organisation that is able to help many more businesses, relationships and people. Grow and Evolve is this baby.

I have worked with Simon Martin since 2013 and since my return, we have collaborated on improving our research into the human EMOTIONAL REFLEXES that control our life and behaviour.

I love to help people with 3 things,

(i) Self-Love and its effect on physical and mental health. This includes guidance on listening to your own inner conversation and changing the language of our self-talk to live a happier life. And have genuine relationships.

(ii) Inner-Freedom.

(iii) Self-Expression

I look forward to meeting you and sharing a journey of personal and relationship growth with you.