FREE E-BOOK: The 4 Chats, by Simon Martin 

This free e-book is for:

  • Men on the path of Sexual-Emotional Mastery  
  • Son's entering the phase of puberty
  • Women supporting their partners in Purpose, Love, Anger & Desire
  • Parents yearning to hold the TRUE essence of sexual-emotional wisdom to gift their boy  

PDF Includes: 

  • The 4 Chats: 1. Father 2. Mother 3. Big Sister 4. Big Brother
  • Men’s Sexual Sublimation Table Guide
  • Anatomy of Sublimation
  • Beginner Men’s Sublimation Training Video

"This short book is a primer (in the form of four “chats” delivered by elders to a young boy), gifting the essence of ejaculatory choice. A great first step in a man's confidence, which extends into all other realms of life" - Essential reading for all


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