Heart School - Essentials (1 Day)

This is the entry level day for all Heart School courses, where you will learn to listen to your feelings and understand their effect on your body (physiology, thoughts, posture, breathing and movements)

1.      Theory: From Mindfulness to Heartfulness

2.      Practical: How to De-armour the Heart

Becoming conscious of the unconscious emotional-reflexes that control our daily life. And how to reduce their effect on us when they are not helpful, through unique adjustments.


Heart School - Couples (1 Day)

1.      Theory: Love & Trust in Relationship

Useful for growing a relationship to a healthier level and tools for negotiating fragile times.

2.      Practical: Learning Body Based Communication.

Heart School - Family (1 Day)

1.      Theory: Healing as a Family 

2.      Practical: Teaching Healing Practices to our Children